5 Songs to Gift The Music Lover in Your Life

The year is winding down. The weather is getting colder. The holidays are getting closer. The music blogs are starting to drop their best-of-the-year lists. Some of these songs will surely end up on a few of those lists. Take note for the music lover in your life and share some dang holiday cheer in the form of fresh new jams.

1. Serpentwithfeet — “Four Ethers”

The brutal honesty, abstract clarity, and moving intensity of this song are awe-inspiring. Serpentwithfeet’s voice is powerful and quiet simultaneously, like a whisper yell. The music plays like a dark scene from a Disney classic as he laments to a lover that their deep flaws are easily forgiven so long as there’s honesty in the relationship. With the beautiful video to coincide, I can’t stress how worth your 4 minutes this is.

2. Boogie — “Nigga Needs”

Boogie is right on the verge. “Nigga Needs” almost continues where Thirst 48’s “Bitter Raps” left off, but you can hear his growth and feel the laser focus. The video shows him as a living art exhibit, with hoity toity white folks watching in amusement as he leaks from a bullet hole. It is effectively shocking imagery that Rihanna recently cosigned.


3. Jon Waltz — “Riot”

Well-rounded singy / rappy / pop-songy earworm from newcomer Jon Waltz. This is one of those “you can laugh to it, you can cry to it” type of songs. For fans of Chance, Kyle, D.R.A.M. and the like – that new wave of rap artist proving they can truly do it all.

4. Charlotte Day Wilson — “Work”

A little late to this one, but Charlotte Day Wilson’s “Work” is a standout from her CDW EP, a gorgeous work of steady paced RnB. It’s Rhye meets Quadron, with occasional hints of Sade. Play this while you draw a bath, light a candle, and become a legit rom-com trope.